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Scholarships & Bursaries

Awards, Scholarships & Bursaries

The Abbotsford School District continuously ranks amongst the highest academic performers in BC, and annually has schools achieve 'top 10' placings in provincial athletic competitions and arts events. For specific Scholarship and bursary information, contact your secondary school. 

The Abbotsford School District offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities for our students.

Dogwood/District Authority Awards 

These Awards are an opportunity to showcase student talents in Fine Arts, Applied Skills, Physical Activity or Languages. Across the District over one hundred $1,250 scholarships are offered as a voucher towards a post-secondary educational institute. All grade 12’s in district schools are eligible to apply in Abbotsford. Students are required to complete the application in its entirety. Make sure you are very clear in your project description and pick the correct category. Deadline to submit your application is November 10th.
⏩ Ministry information about District Authority Scholarships
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Parent/student information regarding Dogwood/District Authority Awards:

Successful candidates, who have met the criteria established by the District Scholarship Committee and who fulfill graduation requirements by August 31st will receive the District Authority Award ($1,250 voucher) issued directly by the Ministry of Education to the student to be redeemed for post-secondary education tuition.

The Abbotsford Community Foundation administers the majority of scholarships and awards available to our students. See the Abbotsford Community Foundation online awards directory.  

Other Scholarship & Bursary sources:

  • Ministry of Education scholarships and awards information
  • UFV Student Financial Aid, Awards, Bursaries, and Scholarship information
  • The Key to Scholarships is a company dedicated to making the scholarship process approachable for high school students across Canada.
  • a resource website free for all Canadian students. Its purpose is to introduce students to grant, scholarship and bursary funding, as well as employment opportunities. There is also a tool which allows students to find out various career options available to them based on their major.
  • Offers students a database considered one of the largest and most comprehensive sources for finding scholarships online and free for students to use.