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Transportation Review & Changes

2016/2017 Transportation Changes

Please find below a summary of changes to Transportation services for the 2016-2017 school year, resulting from budget decisions.

What will change for Transportation in 2016/2017?

  • Services will be continued for:
    • Students living outside the policy walk limits to the nearest (catchment) school only; 
    • Students within the walk limits may be provided services if space permits; 
    • Students attending District Programs and who are outside the policy walk limits; and 
    • Students with special needs.
  • Walk limits modified to improve efficiency:
    • Changes to walk limits included: 
      • Elementary/Middle to 3.2km; and
      • Secondary to 4.0km  
    • Other factors beyond walk limits (e.g. hazardous crossings) are considered when determining eligibility for service. 
    • Bus Routes will be re-designed to improve efficiency and increase average ridership.
  • Service Reductions: 
    • Bus routes that do not serve catchment schools or district programs will be eliminated. 
    • The proposed change will affect between 125-175 students for 2016-2017.
  • Transportation Fees:
    • In catchment and living inside of the walk limits (as of Sept. 2016): 
      • $400 per Student
      • $600 per Family (2 or more students)
    • Attending District Programs, but outside of the walk limits (as of September 2016):
      • $600 per Student
      • $800 per Family (2 or more students)

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